Who were we then?

Gen X’ers, born roughly between 1961-1981 (although no one can really agree on the dates), have been called many things as we came of age. Disengaged slackers. Latch-key kids. The “lost” generation. With our cynicial idealism on display in movies from Reality Bites to The Breakfast Club to Clerks to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, you'd think it was lucky we made it out of our formative years alive, let alone amount to much.

Like inventing search engines and smartphones. Or becoming our 44th President. #nbd

Growing up in the 80s & 90s, MTV was our mirror on pop culture, reflecting all the cool we yearned to manifest. We listened to Madonna & Michael Jackson through tinny Walkman headphones and made mixtapes along with questionable fashion choices. We transformed trips to the mall into a social revolution, left broken hearts on embarrassing answering machine tapes and secretly wished Duckie would ask us to prom. We even embraced our storied detachment for a time, although we knew it wasn’t really true. 

Who are we now?

Firmly sandwiched in between Boomers and Millennials, Gen Xers have a surprising new label now: Middle aged. While I wondered how the hell that happened, I began to notice something else: All these think-pieces popping up about how the unsung legions of Generation X will save the world (or not) through business and technology.

But what about the personal stories of the real people we became?

That’s where you come in.

GenXstories has one mission - to celebrate your answers to this question: How did growing up GenX influence you? As a parent. As a professional. As a friend. As a boss. As an artist. As a partner. As a citizen. As a human. I'd love GenXstories to become community of unique voices that aren't getting written about in Slate or Fast Company. Yet.  

You can submit your stories in any form or medium. Write it, sing it, design it, film it - whatever captures who you are and what you want to say. I plan to curate and publish your submissions on this site, highlighting your voices and insights at this shared turning point in our lives. If you’re not ready to share your GenXstory just yet, that’s cool. Feel free to reach out and say "Hi!" on the contact form, ask any questions or just follow us on Instagram or Twitter. 

Your voice is powerful. Will you share it?