Laughing my way through midlife

I get to say what I want and it can’t ruin my budding career cuz nothing’s budding here anymore except an existential fear.

Editors note: Katie and I went to college together, and she has since become a Big Thing in the world of comedy. If you haven't heard heard of her, you're SO missing out. This talented GenX writer, comedian and singer makes midlife (and the revolution) both hysterical and accessible. She was crazy busy on tour but still wanted to share her GenXstory the best way she knows how - through songs she has performed to sold out crowds.  

I offered to write an intro to the selected videos she felt best captured the essence of GenXstories, but as you will see/hear for yourself, nothing comes close to what she writes/sings/raps herself. 

Sit back and watch the brilliant GenX stylings of Katie Goodman!

Halfway Closer to Dead

I Didn't Fuck it Up

I know my politics not still trying to find my voice. With 90 songs, not much has been left unsaid. But fuck it, Ill still probably write another 90 before Im dead.

Gimmie a Man Over 40

Sorry Babe, You're A Feminist

So turns out, no matter what you’re gonna disappear. Turns out that you want a life instead of just a career. Mid-life crisis? That was so last year. Lets hit the bar after the show cuz I’m buying the beers. Cuz I’m halfway closer to being ok right here.

Katie Goodman is an award wining actress, comedian, comedy writer, author and coach.

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