Remember taping from the radio?

It used to drive me NUTS when I’d tape my favorite song from the radio and the stupid DJ would interject just before the song ended. I wanted to kill him because then you had to wait and wait until the song came around again.

I did the majority of my taping between 1980-‘82, from a station called The Mighty 690 (AM radio woohoo!). They were really popular in the SoCal for top 40 hits. My fav bands were Blondie, David Bowie, Gary Numan, AC/DC, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Journey... man the list goes on and on. 

In 1983-‘84 I got into the breakdancing scene, so KDAY 1580 was my jam... every Friday night they had a “Friday night mixmasters” show, which lasted from about 9pm-midnight, with a crew of DJs that would spin an endless mix of non-stop breaking hits. 

Those were such good years to come of age. 

At that time, the challenge was to have an endless supply of tapes in order to be able to tape everything and then edit later. You gotta understand, the point was to have a good mix for your ghetto blaster whenever you had a battle. The biggest pet peeve for me (and others who taped this show) was to be towards the end of a tape side when a good mix came on with my favorite song. I’d be seriously sweating with anxiety and crossing my fingers, hoping whatever remaining tape would accommodate that mix before it transitioned out, because otherwise it would be absolutely useless. 

What made it worse was that these mixes/sessions were done live, so each and every show was unique. So if I missed or screwed up that segment, I was SOL unless I happened to know someone who nailed it with sufficient tape.

Those were such good years to come of age. 

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